The more you Discover the less you know

This orb continues to surprise me. Alex a lab tech stumbles upon something extraordinary....truly. Beneath the casing is another layer of material and...well
it's alive. the crystalline structure is crystal but also another compound that seems to give it life. It constantly regenerates itself ever 3 milliseconds. We are at a lost as to how. Each piece of this puzzle seems to generate more questions than answers, something in me is telling me that we might be in over our heads. For some reason I feel that if we ever do find the answers we are not going to like what we find.

I was wrong...

Test came back the object is more than 500 million years old...I do not know how to react to this. What exactly do I have here? What can be that old? I really have to rethink everything. All of my suspicions all of my theories are nothing now. Everything my research was based on was the belief that our culture was thousands of years old, now it may very well be

It also dictates that there must of been several hundred other cultures before ours. my mind reels at the possibilities. where did they go why are there no artifacts...except this one?

Here is the breakdown of the casing compound: