The orb is old.Given the designs and craft of it there can be no doubt. I am waiting for results that may tell me the age of the orb. I am guessing at the very least 10 Thousand years old.
Time Will Tell.

First tests...going well

I am not one to jump to conclusions..I never was. My wife...she always said look before you leap. She would be right. I have taken metallurgical and density test of the orb I discovered and my findings are quite remarkable.

First off the casing matches no known metal and the density...it just doesn't register. This MAY mean that the orb is infinite in space inside. It could also be that the metal resists our probes..Not sure.

My Discovery

I am starting this private log in an attempt to understand what it is I have found. I can't be sure myself until further tests however, I have enough of a inkling to start this datalog so that should say something at least.

Zero; 7221102